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3 kiwis and a corgi named Remus. Check out more about the Alphabet Team here.

We got fed up with the lack of queer stories readily available in Aotearoa-New Zealand and the difficulty and expense of getting them here, so we decided to do something about it. Read our origin story here.

Good question! As the LGBTQIA+ acronym continues to grow and commandeer more letters, a tongue-in-cheek name for the rainbow community evolved on Tik Tok as 'The Alphabet Mafia'. Chelsea and Ruth communicate mostly through sending each other multiple Tik Toks throughout the day so we thought it worked well with our content, our love of Booktok and the fact it is one of those 'if you know, you know' references.

We are running out of a spare bedroom at the moment but if you're in Kāpiti let us know! Let's get a coffee and talk books!

YES PLEASE! Send us a message!

Please see our glossary. We will be updating it regularly as language evolves and our vocabulary expands. Please let us know if we are using a word you are curious about.

If there is a book that you want that we currently don't have, please send us a message! It could be on the way, it may be unavailable, it might be on Chelsea's TBR list, or maybe we thought there wasn't a kiwi audience for it!

He's initially wary of strangers but soon gets over that if you want to play with him, or you can be friends with him through all of our social media channels.

You have the decision on what you do with your money, but we are providing a couple of things that large international (and some national) companies aren't:
- We are only stocking what we have in physical stock so it will be in the post as soon as humanly possible, with nominal shipping costs.
- Every purchase contributes to a non-profit in Aotearoa-New Zealand.
- We are a small, independent, queer-owned, women-led, family-run business, working to make a difference.

We have no interest in gatekeeping or making assumptions about anybody's gender or sexual identity. What concerns us is positive representation and good writing. In that same way, we won't stock a title from a queer author who has problematic representation.

Of course, whether or not something is positive/problematic representation is subjective, so Chelsea reads every title that is stocked in our store and makes an educated decision on whether it would help or harm if she read it at a vulnerable point in life. She is super happy to discuss this and any book.

We want to but we also know that there are wonderful small independent bookstores worldwide!
And would encourage you to support them!

However, if you are interested in buying merch or a book box subscription, send us an email and we can work something out. We will be announcing what our subscription books are once the boxes go out so if you want to read it before our virtual book club there will be time!

Not through the store initially, but join our Super Group on Facebook and see if anyone would be interested in trading with you!